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Mentored by
Jocelyn Jacks Kahn
Certified Focusing Trainer and Guide

A 16-week mentored Focusing group (via Zoom, an excellent videoconference service)  providing you with the time, space and support to allow the struggle with food, weight and body image to finally shift and transform

This is the second year I'm presenting this exploration - Would you like to hear what our former participants have to say?

If you would like to skip ahead to take a peek at what former students are saying about their experiences of the class last year, click here - and then come back to learn more about the course!

Can you relate?

It seems that no matter how little or how much we eat, so many of us tend to find ourselves in a never-ending sense of struggle around food, weight and body image.

Maybe you've just read (and fully agree with!) the latest article explaining why diets don't work... and immediately find yourself thumbing through the same magazine searching for that article on the latest miracle diet...

Or maybe you’re one of the rare women who has actually been at her goal weight for quite some time now – and yet find yourself just as anxious about what to eat and what not to eat as you were when you first determined that this time you were going to keep the weight off.

I know that I have been in a place where I’ve found myself shoving sweets into my mouth until I felt tired and ill – and then having some more.

If any of these stories feels like yours, please read on to find out more about “What Are You Hungry For?” – the course that I'm offering around transforming our relationship with food, weight and body image.

Why is it SO hard?

What makes it so difficult for us to simply eat when we’re hungry?

You most likely have a very accurate idea of how your personal struggles with food, weight and body image came to be.

And it’s just as likely that there’s something more here.

We tend to think of our struggles around these issues as our shameful personal problems.

And yet, a recent study reveals that little girls as young as 3 years old have internalized our culture’s pervasive and negative pressures around weight and body image.

This negative atmosphere is what we breathe in every day. Is it any wonder that it’s so difficult for us to find our way out of this tangled-up struggle around food, weight and body image?

But there’s an even deeper problem here

We operate within a fundamental cultural misunderstanding of the nature of the Body and of Life itself.

We grow up perceiving – and being perceived as – objects in a world of objects. We grow up believing that if only all of these objects can be manipulated in the right way, we can be happy.

And so the game begins – the endless manipulation of our own bodies to get the nourishment we hunger for from Life – a game that is doomed to failure from the start.

But there is a solution to this no-win game.

We need to transform our way of being in the Body – of being in Life. 

Overview of this course...

This course offers resources that are particularly well-suited to these tough challenges.

These resources include:

  • Inner Relationship Focusing, which has a lot to say about what these particularly stuck and gnarly issues need in order to resolve;
  • Wholebody Focusing, which brings in tremendous healing around our relationship with our bodies ;
  • On-the-spot self-regulating methods from various personal growth traditions, including Focusing, for times when "stuff" around these issues may unexpectedly pop up in our everyday lives outside of class and our Focusing partnerships.

We will delve into numerous facets of these issues over the 16 weeks of this course

A key to transforming our difficult issues is bringing them into our present-moment experiencing.

"Just be present" or "Just be here now" is advice that is offered frequently and glibly nowadays.

But there's a huge problem that can keep us from going there.

For many of us, the present moment does not feel like a safe place to be. We will be using the resources of Grounded Presence and Presence Language (among others) to help shift into a place of fundamental safety.

From this place of fundamental safety, we will be exploring our capacity to receive the nourishment of the present moment - a necessary starting place before we can truly receive the nourishment we are seeking from life itself - as well as from food! 

Receiving the Nourishment that Is Already Here

  • Receiving the good in our lives that is already here, right now.
  • Moving from our story about what's happening into Focusing with it (that is, allowing ourselves to receive the experience of how we are carrying this story in our body right now).


  • Physical set point.
  • Emotional set point - When a part of me is committed to carrying a certain amount of weight for its own good reasons.

Body Image

  • Making space for something in me that doesn't like what it sees in the mirror.
  • Bringing awareness to the cultural image I've swallowed.
  • Allowing all of this to be here and making space for something more to come.

The “Body”

  • Cultural/commercial sense of the nature of the self (disconnected "units," inherently lacking) v. actual nature of the self.
  • Being with ALL of this - cultural aspects reflected in inner points of view AND with a sense of the larger Self beyond and enveloping all of this.
  • Letting go of the need to control the body and learning to respect it as having its own consciousness that has gained a lot of wisdom from carrying your issues all your life.


  • Allowing your profound Focusing shifts to bridge into everyday behavior. Sometimes this seems to happen automatically and sometimes it doesn't - we will be exploring reasons why.

These can be tough issues, and the class structure provides you with a lot of support...

The What Am I Hungry For? 16-week program includes:

  • A monthly 60-minute individual guided session with Jocelyn (included in your course fee). Note: The first month's guided session happens prior to the actual start-date of the course.
  • As-needed email contact with Jocelyn.
  • Small group size: Each live videoconference check-in session is limited to a maximum of eight people (and a minimum of four).
  • A recorded talk discussing that week's Focusing experience, including a demo with a student volunteer, sent out each week to students.
  • Recordings of the check-ins (as well as the recorded talks) to return to as you like.
  • Weekly between-class partnerships for the duration of the course.
  • A discussion forum.  Jocelyn will be checking in several days each week to answer any questions or concerns that come up for you – and of course, you will be developing bonds within the group as you respond to each other's questions and comments on their experiences.

*Note: Just to be clear, these are not "canned" talks from last year, or that I've pre-recorded before the start of WAIHF. Although there is of course a class outline, each "lecture" video is created at the beginning of the week and is influenced by the specific questions, concerns and comments that have come up during the prior week.

What students from WAIHF 2015 are saying...

Please click on any photo below to read about the student's experience of last year's course...

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What I am wanting for you at the end of the 16 weeks...

It is my intention that by the time the course wraps up:

  • You will have a deeper, fuller and more trusting relationship with your body.
  • You will have the ability to relate to food as satisfying nourishment rather than as an unconscious stand-in for unmet needs.
  • You’ll have a community you can call on for Focusing partnership.
  • When these and other gnarly issues of your life arise, instead of entering into a state of war with yourself, you will have the ability to be with them in a transformative way.
  • And  I hope that at some point you find yourself wondering what all that struggle was about, as you discover an unexpected ease in living in a way that feels good in your body.

Do keep in mind - this course will not suit everyone...

My guess is that your needs will most likely NOT be met by this program if …

  • You have no prior Focusing experience. We will be building on Focusing basics.
  • You cannot do the weekly partnerships. (1) The weekly partnerships are where the work is solidified; and (2) this class is oriented around a community of Focusers supporting each other in their journeys.
  • You cannot do the weekly check-ins. These are a required, core part of the class where the entire group connects and is sparked by the mentor's and each other's questions, insights and observations.
  • You're needing a quick fix. Quick fixes tend to assume a problem that simply requires a new strategy or new "how to" information. This class assumes that you are here because your sense of struggle around food, weight and body image have  not responded to new strategies and information. This is the sort of problem that requires you to grow into a whole new and bigger way of being in your life.
  • You are not comfortable working in groups. If this is the case, you might want to contact me about working with me individually (jocelynkahn@gmail.com).
  • You have experienced severe and prolonged trauma that is largely unresolved. At times working with feeling more deeply in the body can stir up feelings of severe trauma that requires the ongoing  one-to-one help of a psychotherapist. If in doubt, please discuss with me (and of course discuss with your therapist if you are currently undergoing a course of psychotherapy).

On the other hand...

My guess is that this program most likely WILL fulfill your hopes and dreams for it if:

  • You already have some basic skills in Focusing partnership.
  • You have tried numerous solutions to your challenges around food, weight and/or body image and found no real relief over time.
  • You may be in the middle of learning how to make sustainable, long-term changes to your way of eating and other lifestyle changes and finding it a continual struggle.
  • You are clear that these are big issues and willing to give them the time and space they deserve.
  • You enjoy working in the context of a small group.
  • You find Focusing partnerships valuable.
  • You are willing and able to take responsibility for getting any extra support you may need outside of class (e.g., from a psychotherapist).

About Your Course Mentor

Since 1991, I've helped people release stress and reconnect with their inner wholeness.

I began this endeavor through my work as a practitioner and instructor in energy work modalities such as shiatsu and Quantum-Touch.

I came to see that what touched me most deeply about doing this work was seeing the light come on in clients as they experienced a physical feeling of being connected in the midst of their challenges to something that was much deeper and bigger than they had suspected.

As soon as I encountered Inner Relationship Focusing, I realized that this was an entire pathway devoted to helping people get a physically felt sense of this larger connection!

There was no turning back. I was certified as a Focusing trainer in 2010 and have taught numerous Inner Relationship and Wholebody Focusing classes since then.

For more about Jocelyn, click this link.

And the Price?

The regular Registration Fee is $856.

An important part of the course is a pre-class Focusing session with me, and I would prefer not to have to schedule them all at once the week before the course starts!

The deadline for the early registration fee of $756 is Monday, January 25.

As of Tuesday, January 26, the regular Registration Fee of $856 applies.

What about guarantees and refunds?

Guarantees. I can guarantee you that a tremendous amount of ongoing care and attention goes into structuring this class, and that I will give you my very best. What I cannot guarantee is a specific outcome.

If you have more-than-reasonable unease about some aspect of the program, that may be a message from your body/intuition.

Do be sure to discuss any concerns you may have with me.  But if that does not put your concerns to rest, then please listen to your own inner sense of rightness

Refunds. Your first individual guided session with me will be held prior to the start of the class. If at that time you (or I) have the sense that this class is not one that you will benefit from, you will receive a full refund, minus an $85 fee for our session.

After the first class (February 18, 2015), there are no refunds except in case of emergencies. Please note that this applies to automatic monthly installment payments as well as payments in full.

NEW course format this year...

Last year, Emanuela Fonticoli, a Focusing Coordinator in Italy, really wanted to take What Am I Hungry For?.

Unfortunately, it took place from 6:30-9:00 pm in the USA - which is 12:30-3:00 am in Italy. I could not offer a separate European-friendly time for the course because I have a job with regular hours during weekdays.

But... Emanuela really wanted to take the course!

So she gathered together three other Italian women who wanted to take WAIHF, and she and I continued trying to figure out how this could work.

Eventually, we developed a workable schedule for WAIHF Italia:

  • During the week, I would invite one of the students to join me via videoconference to record a demo of that week's Focusing experience.
  • Over the weekend, I would record a "lecture" video around our experience for the week. I sent this and the demo out each Sunday.
  • Students would view the videos and engage in the Focusing experience for that week.
  • On Thursday, at 5:30 - 6:15 am my time, we would have a class check-in via videoconference where we would share insights, questions and experiences with what came.

This format worked really well for WAIHF Italia! And so I decided to use this as the only format this year.

In a nutshell...

Format. This is a videoconference course (using the Zoom service).

Dates/Times. The class runs for 16 consecutive weeks.

Lecture/Demo videos go out Sundays (beginning February 7, 2016).

Live videoconference Check-ins are on Thursdays (February 11 through May 26, 2016).

You need to register either for Session 1 or Session 2:

  • Session 1 - 5:30-6:30 AM (New York Time)
  • Session 2 - 6:30-7:30 PM (New York Time)

Time Zone Converter: Please click here for a time zone converter.

Course Intention. Within the context of a small group of Focusers, we will have the opportunity to avail ourselves of the time, space and support to shift and transform our relationship to food, weight and body image.

Prerequisite. I assume that you already have some basic familiarity with Focusing partnership. Please contact me if you're not sure you have sufficient familiarity with the basics of Focusing partnership. You can email me at jocelynkahn@gmail.com to set up a time to talk.

Fee.  The Early Registration Fee is $756* for:

  • A guided session with Jocelyn each month (Note: Your first guided session is held prior to the start of the weekly group meetings);
  • As-needed email support from  Jocelyn;
  • An ongoing online discussion group.
  • 16 weekly videos discussing how to approach these gnarly issues from a fresh new perspective;
  • 16 weekly group check-ins sharing questions, clarifications, insights and experiences;
  • 16 weekly peer partnerships;
  • Recordings of all check-ins as well as the lecture videos; and

*As of Tuesday, January 26, the regular Registration Fee of $856 applies.

Do you still have questions?

I will be happy to discuss any of your questions or concerns with you.

Please contact me at jocelynkahn@gmail.com. (I'm always very happy to chat over the phone, Skype or Zoom as well, but email is the surest way to get in touch to make an appointment to talk.)

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  • The Early Registration Fee is $756.00 (must be received by Monday, January 25, 2016 to qualify). As of Tuesday, January 26, the regular Registration Fee of $856 applies. 
  • You can pay in one of three ways:

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If this is how you would prefer to pay, please make out a check payable to me in the amount of $756 for the Early Registration Fee and put it in the mail to get to me by Monday, January 25, 2015. You should mail your check to the following address:

Jocelyn Jacks Kahn
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If I receive your check on Tuesday, January 26 or later, the regular Registration Fee is in effect, which means an additional $100 is due and payable before the start of the course.