About Jocelyn

I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know what I’m about as a Focusing teacher and guide.

Each of us has an inner sense of aliveness, which is deeply connected to the aliveness of our body. It is our inner sense of this Life within us can lead us to next steps in our life journeys.

In the face of the distractions of all of our ideas about our lives – what we think they are, what they should be, what they shouldn’t be – Focusing is a pathway to regaining connection with the inner aliveness at the core of each one of us.

Focusing teaches us how to reconnect to that inner core of aliveness and allow it to be our touchstone and guide as we make our way through each of our specific life journeys.

This is particularly useful when we encounter those challenging areas of our lives where it seems as if our inner sense of what life is calling for from us has completely ground to a halt.

My Calling

This is my calling as a Focusing trainer and guide:

To help you reconnect with the larger life that holds you moment by moment - especially when you are feeling cut off and disconnected from everything but the dead-end patterns at the surface of your life - through reconnecting with the Life of the body.

My Journey to Focusing

My Focusing journey officially began in 2008 when I encountered Ann Weiser Cornell’s Inner Relationship Focusing through her book The Radical Acceptance of Everything. My visceral response to it was, “I’ve been looking for this all of my life, and I didn’t even know it!”

I immediately embarked on a course of training with her that resulted in my certification by The Focusing Institute as a Focusing trainer and guide.

For 20 years prior to that I had been studying, practicing and teaching energy healing. Over the years I had come to recognize that what drew the greatest response from my own inner sense of aliveness was when clients would say something like, “Did you feel that? Wow, I’d never felt that before!”

What excited me was not that for the first time they were feeling subtle energy – it was that as I touched the ailing place in them, they were beginning to experience a vast something more that this place was a part of.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered Focusing – a path that is all about teaching people how to reconnect into the life at the heart of the stuck, blocked places in their lives! 

Since encountering Focusing, I have never looked back. My continuing Focusing education includes a two-year training in Wholebody Focusing.

The particular emphasis of Wholebody Focusing is what I think of as the spirituality of the body – that is, its seamless interconnection with the world we experience moment by moment. Our felt experience of this interconnection deeply resources us in the midst of our challenges.

Focusing has brought such a sense of depth and meaning to my own life that I want to share it with everyone I meet!

A Snapshot

Here’s a quick snapshot of my training background:

  • 2016 Certified in Judith Blackstone's nondual spirituality training Realization Process Embodiment.
  • 2012 Completed Kevin McEvenue and Karen Whalen's 2-year Advanced Wholebody Focusing program; approved to teach Wholebody Focusing
  • 2010 The Focusing Institute - Certified as a Focusing Trainer and Professional; approved to teach Inner Relationship Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell (Currently a Co-Mentor in Ann's IRF Trainer Certification Program)
  • 2006 Tapas Fleming's TAT® - Certified as a TAT®Professional
  • 2006 Quantum-Touch® - Certified as an Instructor
  • 2005 Quantum-Touch® Certified as a Practitioner
  • 2004 Reiki Master William Rand's International Center for Reiki Therapy - Received Reiki 3rd Degree (Teacher Level)
  • 2004 Reiki Master Margaret Case White – Received Reiki 2nd Degree
  • 1998 Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc. - Certified as a Practitioner
  • 1993 Received New York State License in Massage Therapy
  • 1993 The Swedish Institute - Received Diploma
  • 1991 Ohashiatsu Institute - Received Diploma)
  • 1985 Reiki Master Michelle Troisi - Received Reiki 1st Degree

I have also developed and taught a 125-hour Shiatsu Therapy program at two different massage schools in northern New Jersey.