How Focusing Heals Your Life

You can't seem to move forward in your life - So how does Focusing help?

You slow down and pause... long enough to notice what is going on right now in your body. You start to become less sure of what's supposed to be happening.

Instead, you learn how to begin listening to what actually is happening. A new aliveness inside you stirs as you begin to connect with what’s actually happening now.

That new aliveness you feel is your own life energy waking up and starting to feel its own way forward through a situation which moments before seemed at an impasse.

How Is Focusing Different?

A concern often brought up by prospective clients and students is: “I’ve spent years in this muck. Uh… remind me why I want to spend more time there?”

Our work together is not about rehashing, fixing, analyzing, trying harder, being more positive, etc. It is about connecting with what wants to come to awareness now, freshly, out of your body’s sense of this whole situation, right now. What comes may be surprising, weird, enchanting, bizarre, funny, insightful, mysterious. What pretty much never comes is the “same old/same old.”

Why does Focusing actually work?

The key to the effectiveness of this work is that it starts with the assumption of your wholeness. So what does this mean?

(1) It means that there’s not something you lack that you are striving to get. You are relaxing into what’s already here inside.

(2) When something shows up in your experience, it shows up because it is part of you, and there is some good reason why it is here, now. No matter how unattractive or unworthy or just plain dull and unimportant it may seem, it is holding some crucial part of your life energy.

In difficult, persistent issues, there is always some aspect of your experience that you have pushed away as something that is not-you, that doesn’t belong. In other words, you feel blocked because you have blocked off some crucial bit of your own life-energy.

In Focusing, we invite into consciousness what wants to come to awareness now. You are guided into welcoming and then being with whatever shows up in a companionable way. Locked-up life energy is freed from its prison and allowed to return to the wholeness of who you are, to enliven your whole being.

From that place of wholeness, of integration, your life begins to move into its next right steps.

Taking the first step...

Now that you have a sense of what you can expect through your work with  Focusing, you may want to learn more about the individual guided sessions and classes I offer.