Allow me to be your personal guide
as you journey deep
into your inner world...

...because it can be a jungle in there!

Or at least, that's how it may feel when you first approach…

There's the

  • morass of repetitive emotion (always angry? always anxious? always sad?) that you cannot extricate yourself from...
  • impenetrable barrier that seems to be blocking you from finding your way forward in a life situation that won't shift, no matter how positive you are...
  • fog of chronic pessimism and anxiety that you cannot see your way through...
Does this sound like your inner world? If it does, then the most immediate relief is to be found through a one-to-one Inner Relationship Focusing guided journey directly into yourself.

As your guide, I will provide you with tools of inner safety, making it possible for you to meet whatever shows up in there.

What I will not do is dictate where you should go!

So, what exactly is my role as your Focusing guide? My role is to keep directing you back to your own experience – a trustier compass than you probably realize right now - as you make your way through your inner world.

You gain the ability to calm the locked struggles of the powerful energies you find in there with a powerful phrase: "I'm here to listen"...

As you begin to feel your ability to settle in and look around, the jungle starts to look less fearsome – and you begin to notice the richness, nourishment and mystery there.

You begin to get curious about what more is to be found in this place you used to think was the same-old/same-old that you knew all too well.

Perhaps you come upon a small path leading outward from an area that had seemed to be an obvious dead end before...

Or maybe... Well, maybe you’re already getting curious about what you will discover there!

You may be wondering…

Is it a good idea to have more than one session?

In a word – yes! Even one session of Focusing can reveal the bubbling springs of lifeforce that lie beneath the stagnant pools you’re experiencing at the surface of your life.

But you may be interested in deepening your process by having a series of sessions on a weekly or monthly basis. Working this way on a regular basis can profoundly heal the habitual - and not so helpful - way you relate to your own experience. (And learning Inner Relationship Focusing through classes using a peer partnership model is an additional (and very cost-effective) way to do this!)

What is a session like?

I offer telephone, Skype and in-person sessions at my office in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

I begin the session by having you give me a sense of what you are seeking from a guided session. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you like before we begin, as well as during the session.

My role as your Inner Relationship Focusing guide is to keep you in contact with your own experience and inner process, which is what leads the way. I am always aware that this is your session. In an IRF session, you will never be pushed to go in a direction you feel uneasy about.

This makes IRF a very gentle process. And that very openness and respect for your own process is what gives it its tremendous power to allow whatever stuck or stagnant situation you are in to open up and find its own way forward in fresh and surprising ways.

A session lasts about 50 minutes. A Focusing session can go deep, and I make sure you have some time to come fully back to the room before we end, and perhaps chat about it a bit if you would like. You are always free to e-mail me if something comes up later for you about the session. I will be very happy to respond.

Focusing is not psychotherapy, and there is no need to have a regular series of sessions unless you feel an inner rightness about doing that. Whether you need or would like more sessions is completely up to you.

Clients usually feel a sense of “fresh air” about the issue they have brought, and often experience major shifts. I suspect that you will, too!

Please visit this page if you would like to know how to go about scheduling an appointment for a guided session.

It's about finding your own inner compass...

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"A guided session with you is like a wonderful dessert: you want to have it, but you keep taking your time to start it, so that you can enjoy for a longer time the perspective of having it soon :)!"

Caroline-Morgane Choisy-Rossi
Hopewell Junction, NY