Can Focusing really help you learn to live your life out of your deepest, most alive sense of who you are?

You’ve sought out a deeper life, rich in meaning. And quite possibly you have experienced the richness, depth and spaciousness of direct, unadulterated contact with Life. You dreamed of how your whole life could be lived from this place!

And yet… your toughest “stuff” seems untouched by these profound experiences.

You may have become aware of a disconnect between your deepest sense of who you are and who you could be - and your everyday STUFF.

What happened to that feeling of infinite possibility that you once had?

Business as usual happened:

You identified yourself as the “good” bits of your experience and reflexively pushed the “bad” bits away. And why wouldn’t you? Of course you want your life to express only your best self.

Or even worse, you identified yourself with the bad things that have happened in your life and see the potential good that you'd like in your life as out of reach.

In either case, you continue cutting away parts of yourself - and then wonder why your life feels so fragmented, or downright broken.

This is the sticking point.

Focusing is the way through.

But will Focusing work for you?

It depends.

Are you ready to learn a fundamentally different way of being with your own experience? Our work together will involve concrete, practical ways to do this. However, it is not about implementing preconceived notions of how we should feel and who we should be. If you are not ready at this point in your life to learn a radically new way of encountering your experience, this work is not for you.

Are you hoping for a quick fix? Actually, a burst of fresh air can come in an instant, dislodging a decades-old perception of your life and re-awakening a sense of possibility.

However, most of us have spent decades reinforcing our sense of separation and disconnect from the wholeness of who we are. Being able to live from a fundamentally different sense of who we are – the basis for lasting change – takes time.

Are you deeply committed to your own wholeness? Fundamental growth and healing in your life results from an ongoing commitment to reconnecting with all of who you are. There can be discomfort in letting go of what feels like the tried-and-true and stepping into the unknown. You will not get the most benefit from this work if you do not have this commitment.

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"None of us had any idea about how quickly powerful focusing could be. It proved to be a way into healing some very old wounds... unlocking and transforming deep psychic wounds with this gentle “self-in-presence” method. Jocelyn has a very special way with this material. Her soft spoken, thoughtful communication style creates just the right tone for learning."

Angela Zapka
Wyckoff, NJ