How to transform the stuff of your everyday life into spiritual alchemy?

After years of seeking personal and spiritual growth, you may still experience certain problematic knots in your daily life – that is, stuck emotional, mental and behavioral patterns that remain stubbornly entrenched.

Would you like to:

  • Untangle these knots and release the energy and forward movement that are bound up in them?
  • Learn how to respond from your wholeness, rather than from your reactive patterns, in the midst of daily life?
  • Become a deeply compassionate listener to yourself, as well as to others?
  • Develop a peer partnership practice that will allow you to continue cultivating these qualities over time?

Then you may want to learn
Fully Embodied Focusing

There are four 5-session levels of Focusing:

  • Level 1: The goal of Level 1 is to give you the basics of Focusing and the ability to Focus in a peer partnership. Establishing yourself within the safety of the body. Even if you go no further, you will have the invaluable tools of skillful reflecting and of presence language.
  • Level 2: The emphasis here is on increasing and fine-tuning your skills in being a nurturing companion to the Focusing process, whether to another person’s or to your own. You will have a thorough basic grounding in peer partnership Focusing once you have completed this level.

  • Level 3: This workshop introduces you to the ability to guide your partner (at their request) – and yourself – gracefully through each stage of the Focusing process within the context of a peer partnership.
  • Level 4: You extend your peer partnership Focusing skills to being able to facilitate the Focusing process when it seems to be blocked. You experience the IRF principle of the Radical Acceptance of Everything within your inner world!

Explore each class in the series in more detail...

Just click on the class name above (e.g., Level 1) to find out more about that class and how to register for it.

Of course, I always welcome the chance to chat about any questions you may have over the phone or Skype. Please feel free to contact meto set up a time to chat over the phone or Skype about any questions you may have.

And if you think you may be interested in exploring the possibility of an individual guided Focusing session with me, you can begin by reading more here.

"A friend of mine who knows I have fibromyalgia with pain all over the place had gotten an e-mail about a class called “Inner Relationship Focusing, Level 1.” My impression from the email was essentially it would be about getting in touch with my body.

"There’s a disconnect between me and my body.

"So the idea of finally having a healthy relationship with my body attracted me...." [click here to read more of Theo's profound experience...]