"It is just happening."

My biggest challenges before working with Jocelyn in this class is that I frequently felt aversion when I looked in the mirror, not wanting to appear as I do at 71, sagging and bulging.  

I recognized my judging critic partly coming from imported cultural attitudes, but found myself identified with it often.  I also urgently wanted to disentangle from the cultural attitudes so they wouldn't keep affecting me unconsciously around size, shape, age.

I loved working with Jocelyn in the class!

After working with her,  I now notice and give friendly greeting to my parts that carry the cultural tangles because I recognize their good reason for being here.  

I feel much less struggle and frustration since I stopped identifying with the part of me that was trying to get rid of cultural attitudes and began listening to it in a focusing way.  I find that I am exercising more, usually eating only what I need, and feeling stronger and more flexible without the fuss and struggle.  

It is just happening.

When working with her as a teacher, I found that it's important to really try out her suggested exercises even if they seem strange!

And also to share openly in her accepting and welcoming presence. DO the homework as much as possible, meet with your classmates and practice.  

During work with Jocelyn as a Focusing guide, I found the biggest releasing when I recognized some identification I hadn’t seen before.  Everything loosened up around body image, and that changed issues around food consumption.  

Unlike in the past, getting pulled one way and another by struggling parts of me, I’m now listening more to what my body truly likes and needs.

Nina Joy Lawrence
Certifying Coordinator
Community Wellness Speciality
Corvallis, Oregon