"The best result of the course for me has been a different relationship to my body, which includes respect and awe for its wisdom, and for its own sense of knowing and wanting."

Before working with Jocelyn, this whole body/food thing has not been a topic I wanted to Focus on. It seemed too huge and complex, or actually, just too impenetrable and resistant to any kind of inquiry.

So, I began with a very negative expectation about even doing any type of work around this topic.

Yet from the first ‘taster’ class, I sensed that Jocelyn was able to create a safe, spacious ‘bowl’ of acceptance and  curiosity that facilitated paying Focusing attention to this area.

Why this course worked for me

Jocelyn’s 16-week course is very skilfully constructed to build in and reinforce the foundational Focusing skills, particularly of describing, which very effectively resourced my ongoing explorations.

I particularly benefited from aspects of Wholebody Focusing practice, which allowed a significant shift in my concept of my body.

I was very much helped by the detailed, carefully structured exercises which encouraged a detailed awareness of my body and environment

Also, as a teacher, Jocelyn is willing to share her own journey where relevant, which I think is an important part of establishing the necessary condition of safety.

Her focus on the basic Focusing skills of describing (which she calls the 'Rosetta Stone' of Focusing!), sensing how ‘it’ feels from its point of view, and so on, as well as including Wholebody Focusing aspects, means she is able to offer a broad range of skills to meet her students’ particular challenges, and to increase their skills in such areas.

I had a profound experience of peace and joy in one of her exercises, simply describing in minute detail a part of my body that I felt okay about, that was quite amazing.

The best result of the course for me has been a different relationship to my body, which includes respect and awe for its wisdom, and for its own sense of knowing and wanting. (Do the course to understand this more!)

This has greatly helped with body self-acceptance and given me a very different and more helpful  base on which to continue.

The interactions in the class, and in the weekly and class practice sessions, as well as group postings via e-mail, has been a rich, inspiring, and illuminating treasure trove which I very much appreciated throughout the 16 weeks.

Jocelyn has a wonderful ability to encourage and deepen insights in response to contributions during class time, and to postings.

Working with Jocelyn in guided sessions

I found my personal sessions with Jocelyn very effective in allowing me to explore my various ‘stuck’ places.

Jocelyn is very skillful, insightful, and has a great sense of humour. She also has an ability to field all manner of challenging and difficult responses by directing the person to sense deeper into what is emerging. So doing, she creates a very safe and inviting space for exploring sensitive, and complex issues.

In particular, one session occurred at a very emotionally intense time in my life, and Jocelyn’s skillful, caring listening and reflection absolutely facilitated my ability to listen sensitively to ‘something in me’ that really wanted me to know just how big and hard to hold this situation was for a very overwhelmed and wanting-to-repress-it-all ‘part of me’.

Once I got the connection, the Felt Shift was huge, and was so helpful in being able to live forward in a helpful, positive way in a time of great transition for me.

I am very grateful to Jocelyn for her skill and timely presence as Guide.

Sue Burrell, B.A. Dip. Ed. Grad. Dip. Counselling​​
Focusing Trainer-in-Training