Level 4:
Mastering the Art of Supporting the Journey of your Peer Partner

Instructor: Jocelyn Jacks Kahn, Focusing Trainer and Guide
Certified by The Focusing Institute and Ann Weiser Cornell, founder of Inner Relationship Focusing

Here's what happens in Focusing Level Four:

In Level 4, you begin fine-tuning and trouble-shooting your skills as Companion and Focuser.

  • You learn why certain types of issues – e.g., Focusing with your “Critic,” or action blocks (when you desperately want to do something – and then don’t) – are particularly difficult, and how to effectively Focus with them.
  • You learn how to discover and work with hidden, exiled parts that are powerfully affecting your life for the worse, but that you are no longer even aware of.

  • You’ve learned a lot – and now you are learning to  become more comfortable with simply relaxing into the process and trusting your growing intuition about how to accompany a Focusing process.
  • You begin truly settling into the foundational principle of Inner Relationship Focusing: The radical acceptance of everything you encounter in your inner world.


Inner Relationship Focusing Level 3


Location: This is a videoconference - wherever you are, there it is!

Dates: Begins September 2018 - time and date details to be announced

Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Format: 5 Weekly 2-1/2 Hour Classes. A combination of lecture, ongoing discussion, experiential exercises and in-class Focusing partnerships (as well as weekly peer partnership Focusing sessions between classes).

Fee:* $275.00

*Includes The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual, Part Two, by Ann Weiser Cornell & Barbara McGavin, which students receive in Level 3. This manual is used in both Levels 3 and 4.

How to Register

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      Jocelyn Jacks Kahn
      149 Royal Avenue, Apt. 8
      Hawthorne, NJ 07506

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IRF Level 4

Class size is limited, and I only know for certain that a person is coming once they have paid. Therefore, your registration will take effect only after I receive your payment. I deeply appreciate your prompt payment – Thank you!

Refund Policy. You can receive a full refund up to five days before class begins. After that, you can receive a refund minus a $50 service charge up to and including the first day of class. After the first day of the class on, there are no refunds.

I hope you will be able to join us as you continue to master the skills of guiding within the context of peer partnership!

"Jocelyn Kahn is a sensitive, wise, and generous teacher of Inner Relationship Focusing. I'm proud to recommend her courses to anyone wishing to become solidly trained in this powerful process for emotional healing and life change."

~Ann Weiser Cornell, CEO,
  Focusing Resources &
  (Creator of Inner
  Relationship Focusing)